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Author Checklist
The entire manuscript is prepared on A4 sized paper in Hwp line spacing of 160% or double space in MS word including English abstract, reference, legends of tables and figures as well as the text.
The manuscript is organized in the order of title page, abstract, keywords, text, acknowledgement (if necessary), and references.
The minimum number of abbreviation is used. Abbreviations are not used in the title, marked in parentheses when appeared for the first time in the text while the abbreviations of legends are explained at the bottom.
The name of acupoint is Romanized Korean name, and also described with the WHO international standard code revised in 1991. For example, LI4 or LI4 (Hapgok).
Prescription name is described both with Romanized Korean name and Chinese name. The latter is written in parentheses. The word meaning shape of drug such as tang, san, or hwan comes after hyphen (-) in lower case. For example, Chungpesagan-tang (Qingfeixiegan-tang).
Title Page
The following things are written on the title page: Korean and English title of manuscript, Korean and English author names, affiliation of author, contact information of corresponding author (address in English, phone and fax number, e-mail address), Information of funding support.
If title is exceed 30 characters in Korean or 15 words in English, running head of no more than 10 characters in Korean, 5 words in English is included at the end of title page.
The abstract is prepared as no more than 250 words in English or 400 words in Korean for original article.
The abstract of original article is prepared by the order of Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions and Keywords
Three to six Keywords have been selected.
English abstract is proofread and corrected by staff.
The latest scientific publications related to the submitted manuscript have been searched.
All references are prepared in English as a general rule.
All reference papers are double checked as to whether the author name, title, journal name, published year, volume, and pages are correct with those of Medline data bases.
References should not exceed 40 and they are cited in the text and indicated as a superscript numbers in the order of their citation in the text.
The name of journals is written as abbreviation of Index Medicus.
Six authors can be listed. If more than 6 authors are listed only list 6 names with ‘et al’.
All references have been checked as to whether the style and punctuations meet with instructions to authors. Original article: Author name. Title. Journal name. Published year ; Volume(issue no.) : starting page-ending page. Books: Author name, Title of book, Editions. Place : Press. Published year : starting page-ending page.
Type or print each table on a separate sheet of paper. Title and legend of tables are written in English.
The title of table is brief and explanatory.
Abbreviations used in tables are explained separately at the bottom.
Tables can be understood adequately by itself and the descriptions of the text or figures are not duplicated.
The number of tables is double checked to see whether they are correct and same as the text.
Each word of the title is capitalized except for prepositions and articles.
Figures or photographs are prepared large enough and clearly to be unaffected even if they are reduced in the printing process.
Figure legend is written in English, only the first word is capitalized, the rest is all marked with lower case and sentences are ended with period.
Figure legend is not written by simple title and it can be understood adequately because the details explaining figure are included.
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